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Aug 24, 2014
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So I was challenged by a dear friend of mine on facebook. However, I am a little facebook shy so I decided to blog it. If I send this to you that means I am challenging you to also jump onto this bandwagon of positivity! 

1) No words can explain how happy I am to have the boyfriend I have right now. When I’m freaking out he keeps me emotionally grounded and tries to reason with me. Not only is he my boyfriend, he is my best friend. We try to make each other better people everyday and that makes me happy.

2) I am grateful for the people who remember me and go out of their way to try and catch up with me. Although this summer is almost over, I know that our friendships aren’t. 

3) I am grateful and happy that I have my family. I grew up with my cousins and I couldn’t be happier to have grown up with 3 brother who grew up to be 3 fine young men and a sister who is excelling so much academically. I am so proud of them and I don’t know who I would have become without them. 

The moment I start giving a shit is exactly the moment no one does. So why bother? Yet people give me shit for never giving a shit but they are the very people who break my will.

You can’t depend on people for fuck all. They can’t even sit and listen for 5 fucking minutes without being “well I don’t know what you want from me?” how about you listen and give me some reassurance. I’m not expecting you to be super man. Like its so much to ask.

Today, it didn’t feel like you felt that way about me at all. As if when I told you you’re the one I care to tell things to, was the moment you just didn’t care anymore. As if you just let go just as I was gripping onto you so tightly. Just like a see saw it’s not balanced anymore. I never expected you to solve my problem I just wanted you to care.